What are Benefit plans on Dynamics 365 HR?

Benefits plans are basically what gets all the individual components of benefits management together and make it possible to enroll an employee.

We will have a look at how to go about defining Granger Health Insurance plan on Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Read on to know more about the last step of our learning journey and how the benefit plan looks on the employee self service experience.

Let’s define Granger Health Insurance Plan!

Step 1: Navigate to Benefits management workspace > Benefit plans
Step 2: Create a new benefit plan and enter the details as illustrated below:
Step 3: Add the details of the Benefits as illustrated in the 5 screenshots below:
Steps to create an Open Eligibility profile that makes all employees eligible
Step 4: Attach a benefits period for the benefit plan
Step 5: Attach a coverage option for the benefit plan
Step 6: Process benefits eligibility on a test employee
Step 7: See it in action on Employee Self Service shopping cart experience

Is that it!!!

Harry would say “Tip of the iceberg” because there is so much more you can do with all the options possible on Benefits management. I hope you explore more, I am happy to discuss further on any of the specific use cases you have and share my inputs – reach out to me on LinkedIn.

I hope you have enjoyed this learning journey with me.

See you in the next one!

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