What are Reason codes?

Reason codes are used to track why a certain benefit plan related transaction has occurred. For example:

  • ENROLLMENT is the reason code for enrolling an employee into Granger Health Insurance plan.
  • LIFE EVENT is the reason code for changing the coverage option from Couple to Family when a employee has a new born child.

Let’s define some Reason codes!

Step 1: Navigate to Personnel management > Links > Setup > Reason codes
Step 2: Add a new reason code and select Benefit management checkbox

In the past Benefits management reason codes could have been defined on the Benefits management workspace, but it is moved to the Reason code on Personnel management now.

What are Benefit Rates?

Benefit rates as the name suggests captures the benefit plan premium amounts to be paid by the employee and employer. Benefits rates are attached to the Coverage options which are then attached to the Benefit Plan Types.

Let’s define some Benefit Rates!

Step 1: Navigate to Benefits management>Rates
Step 2: Add a new Benefit rate and add the premium amounts and other details as illustrated in the screenshot below

What are Benefit Deductions?

Benefit deductions are used to capture the definition of how benefits data should reflect from a payroll perspective. I have a feeling this may be considered as part of the 2021 Wave 1 payroll related api’s that are planned.

Let’s define some Benefit Deductions!

Step 1: Navigate to Benefits management>Deductions
Step 2: Add a new deduction and enter the details as highlighted below

That’s it, we have completed the step 3 in design. In the next step we will look at defining benefits related HR parameters and Shared parameters!

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