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Ideas of the month – June/July 2021

🔗Define Custom Bank Account types Every country has a different ways of depositing employee salaries into employee bank accounts. The employee bank account types in which salaries are deposited vary per country. For example when I was living and working… Continue Reading →

Ideas of the month – April/May 2021

🔗Suspend/Inactive the old Titles Title framework on Dynamics 365 Human Resources is one of the strong and flexibilities that gives customers across different industries to organize and manage Job and Positions to support their business. At the moment the way… Continue Reading →

Ideas of the month – March 2021

🔗Migrate custom fields from an environment to another Being able to deploy custom fields sort of solves a lot of simple to complex customer problems. But lets say we are very ambitious about it and end up deploying a good… Continue Reading →

Ideas of the month – February 2021

🔗Personnel number sequence – capability to have different sequence for employees and contractors I was having a discussion with one of my customers a while ago and they had a requirement of being able to assign a different number sequence… Continue Reading →

Ideas of the month – January 2021

🔗Compensation payrate conversion – Add Daily period type Let’s say you are a Compensation and Benefits administrator of a IT company that primarily hires external contractors to work on internal IT projects. Although they are part of your core team… Continue Reading →

Ideas of the month – December 2020

🔗Leave and absence parameter: Enable half-day definition = “No” Let’s say we have a company Hogwarts manufacturing, as per the leave policy of the company employees cannot take half-day leave. As a consultant when you are implementing this requirement, you… Continue Reading →

Ideas of the month – November 2020

🔗Expiring Records – Terms of Employment Personnel management is a one stop shop for the HR administrators to do their day to day work. Expiring records is helpful in keeping track of the employee data that is expiring the upcoming… Continue Reading →

Ideas of the month – October 2020

🔗D365HR Teams app: Add filter criteria 🔗D365HR Teams app: View indirect reports The Leave and absence capability on Dynamics 365 Human Resources has been enhanced significantly as part of release 2020 wave 1 and will continue as a front runner… Continue Reading →

Ideas of the month – September 2020

🔗Financial dimensions – Connecting HR and Finance! Let’s start simple: Financial dimensions help us make the costs from the employee and the transactions that the employee perform on D365 into different financial accounts of the organization for tracking😎 The employee… Continue Reading →

Ideas of the month – August 2020

Email notifications for checklists – Good to have/Good to not have HR teams love the way checklist and task management workspace works on D365 Human Resources. The way the checklists popup on the home page is a nice feature that… Continue Reading →

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