🔗Expiring Records – Terms of Employment

Personnel management is a one stop shop for the HR administrators to do their day to day work. Expiring records is helpful in keeping track of the employee data that is expiring the upcoming period for example 30 days from current date.

At the moment the following data points are tracked as part of the Expiring Records:

  • Certificates
  • Identification
  • Probations
  • Screenings
  • Tests

Terms of Employment on Dynamics 365 Human Resources is used to capture the details of Employee’s contractual agreements and the related dates. So it is very common that an employee starts on a fixed term contract of 1 year at the beginning of the employment and there is contract extension needed.

So from a HR perspective Expiring records is the perfect place to keep track of this information. The idea logged if implemented would help the HR professional quite significantly😀

🔗Edit picklist values for custom fields

Custom fields was a great enhancement that was delivered by Microsoft in the past. Customers love the flexibility it offers and it really helps in meeting many localization requirements in the world of Human Resources.

Custom fields has a picklist functionality by default which is a great way of making sure the users enter the values to a data field that is acceptable from a data quality perspective, but we have some common scenarios as below:

  • The dropdown list value was used in the past and not anymore
  • The dropdown list value was added by mistake and needs to be updated
  • The dropdown list value was added by mistake and needs to be deleted
  • An empty drop down list value was created by mistake and needs to be deleted now.

Managing with this limitation at the beginning of the implementation is okay but as the scope of the implementation increases and the data grows on your production environment it would become quite complex to continue without the obvious capability of:

  1. Disabling an already existing dropdown list value
  2. Edit the value of an existing dropdown list entry

Thanks to Duyen Quach for submitting the idea!

🔗Security based on Departments

In many global organizations many times Human Resources function will be managed as a shared service center for a cluster of countries to keep the organization lean based on the volume of the employees in the cluster.

Sometimes to meet the requirements of how HR business teams are organized and what scope of data the HR teams manage the access of data will have to be defined based on business functions or Departments and not limited to Legal Entities.

This idea requests for the capability to enable the data security based on Departments and this is definitely one of the most sought out functionality by customers.

Thanks to Malcolm Cathcart for submitting the idea!

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