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Ideas of the month – August 2020

Email notifications for checklists – Good to have/Good to not have HR teams love the way checklist and task management workspace works on D365 Human Resources. The way the checklists popup on the home page is a nice feature that… Continue Reading →

nocodehr newsletter August 2020

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Dynamics 365 HR – Workspace

What is a workspace? It just means working space to get your daily job done😎. Lets just consider Alicia who is working at Hogwarts Consulting as a HR Operations specialist. Her daily job is to manage personnel information and support… Continue Reading →

D365HR Leave and absence

What can you do with Leave and absence? The HR teams can create leave and absence plans with different types of leave and absence types. Leave balances are accrued against each leave and absence type based on different rules which… Continue Reading →

2020 Rel W2 – Azure AD Integration

What is Azure Active Directory? Simply put Azure AD is like Hagrid in Harry potter (read this) or in other words Keeper of the keys that lock and unlock doors for you. And specifically speaking it holds one master key… Continue Reading →

D365HR Manager Self Service

How will Manager Self Service help your organization? We all would have heard the saying “a team a reflection of its leadership” and if you want have many great leaders in your organization to drive high performance it is critical… Continue Reading →

D365HR Employee Self Service

Why is employee self service important? One of the critical goals of any Digital HR transformation is to achieve better employee engagement. Giving access to as much information as possible and empowering employees to own and keep their own data… Continue Reading →

Automatic role assignment

What is automatic role assignment? A product feature that will help the IT admin to create rules via selection queries to assign roles to all/group or employees with your organization. How to create a automatic role assignment rule? Step 1:… Continue Reading →

D365HR: 2020 Release Wave 2 – What’s planned?

Dynamics 365 Human Resources has progressed a long way in the last year and 2020 release wave 1 added some much needed features to the product (Read my linkedin article: Dynamics 365 Human Resources – What’s new?) It is now… Continue Reading →

#BC10 : D365HR – Benefits Management!

With the overall strategic investments announced in the area of Dynamics 365 Human Resources last year and the constant release of new functionalities from early this year – the benefits management functionality on Dynamics 365 Human Resources has been continuously… Continue Reading →

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