What is Azure Active Directory?

  • Simply put Azure AD is like Hagrid in Harry potter (read this) or in other words Keeper of the keys that lock and unlock doors for you.
  • And specifically speaking it holds one master key for each person which can unlock all doors (applications) for that person using Single-Sign-On (Its like driving through a toll booth with a fast tag recognition).
  • For example, you login to your PC and open SharePoint on Internet Explorer and voila! – you are already logged into your Microsoft account because your browser just had a nice conversation with Azure AD and checked if the master key you used to login to your PC can be allowed to login to SharePoint as well.

How does it concern Human Resources?

Well!!! This is a million dollar question that HR would ask the consultant.

Again in very simple words IT admins create and manage the master keys of AD but when a employees joins the company a new key has to be created and shared with the employee and when the employee leaves the company somebody has to inform the IT admin so that the keys are disabled to make sure they cannot access any doors (applications)

Now the answer to the million dollar question is that HR knows who is joining and who is leaving the company so it becomes HR’s responsibility somewhat to inform IT about this in someway (Checklist, report, email …)

Can this be automated?

That’s the plan as part of the roadmap item: Azure AD Integration. From what I understand based on all the speculative thoughts😉 is to make D365HR and Azure Active Directory communicate with each other based on the transactions that are being executed by the HR teams so that the Keeper of the keys (Azure AD) can manage the joiner and leaver employees related changes automatically.

The actual attributes of this integration and the extent of automation is something to wait for when this feature will be available in preview later this year or early next year. But I am 100% sure that many of our customers will be delighted to see this in action soon😎

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