What is a workspace?

It just means working space to get your daily job done😎. Lets just consider Alicia who is working at Hogwarts Consulting as a HR Operations specialist. Her daily job is to manage personnel information and support the HR team with the employee lifecycle management. When she comes into work in the morning and logs into Dynamics 365 Human Resources – she can open “Personnel Management” workspace to manage personnel (lets not debate why it is not called employee management😋)

In essence the vast application capability is organized in a simplified and easy to access way called “Workspaces” which is a collection of related to quick information tabs, Analytics and navigation links related to that part of the job.

What does a workspace contain?

Quick information

This area of the workspace gives an overview of what’s happening in the organization that needs attention from the user.


This area provides an overview of the reports and analytics that are useful to the user to get their daily job done and share updates.

Navigation links

A central area per module of the application that can be used to navigate through the application.

What workspaces are available?

  1. Benefits management
  2. Employee development
  3. People
  4. Employee Self Service
  5. Personnel management
  6. Business processes
  7. Learning
  8. System administration
  9. Compensation management
  10. Leave and Sickness
  11. Task management
  12. Compliance
  13. Organization management

The most important workspaces are highlighted in yellow on the screenshot above which also sounds obvious based on the names.

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