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nocodehr newsletter February 2023

February 2023 – 2 months into a brand new year and personally I have been super excited about retruning to the world of Microsoft and Dynamics 365 with full focus begining of this month. There is a lot of activity… Continue Reading →

nocodehr newsletter December 2022

The last day of 2022! It has been a interesting year so far, personally I saw my first daughter start her school life and my second daughter take her first little steps. Professionally I have learnt more about software architecture,… Continue Reading →

nocodehr newsletter August 2022

Begining of August 2022, I would start by saying congratulations to all the new Microsoft MVP’s Half of the year is behind us which means that Microsoft has published the release wave 2 plans for Dynamics 365 and Power platform…. Continue Reading →

nocodehr newsletter May 2022

Hmmm I think I will start by saying, I managed to publish a blog in the month of May… Yay! The weather in The Netherlands is slowly getting better (there are still days when I have all 4 seasons😋). I… Continue Reading →

Dynamics 365 F&O – Get a trial environment

There are many situations where you just want to have trail environment to try somethings on Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Microsoft is amazing and offers trail environments to support learning and exploring but the steps to reach the point… Continue Reading →

nocodehr newsletter April 2022

Quarter 1 of 2022 complete! I had my first travel outside of Netherlands in April 22 after almost 2 years😀 It was nice to travel, drive for a long time, take a pitstop, stay at a hotel – I feel… Continue Reading →

nocodehr newsletter March 2022

Welcome to the 3rd newsletter of 2022😀 If you work in the world of Dynamics 365 and Human Resources and LinkedIn is your hangout place to connect and collaborate with folks with similar passion – I invite you to join… Continue Reading →

Business Central & Manufacturing!

What are the list of things you need to bake a cake: For the cake: cake mix(200g), cream(100ml), eggs (3) For decoration: Icing mix (100g), butter (50g), Milk (100ml) Equipment: Mixer, cake form, baking paper, fondant, rolling pin And lets… Continue Reading →

nocodehr newsletter February 2022

It’s already the last day of February 2022… Days are flying fast… Things are changing super fast across the world. All COVID 19 restrictions are removed in the Netherlands and it felt like life was returning a bit back to… Continue Reading →

Business Central & Service Management!

So you are super hungry on a Sunday evening! You dial the pizza delivery service around the corner and wait despretely for the next 30 minutes for the yummy pizza to arrive home… The pizza comes home… smells yummy… and… Continue Reading →

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