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Ideas of the month – January 2021

🔗Compensation payrate conversion – Add Daily period type Let’s say you are a Compensation and Benefits administrator of a IT company that primarily hires external contractors to work on internal IT projects. Although they are part of your core team… Continue Reading →

D365HR Compensation: Step 6: Eligibility rules

There can be scenarios where a company’s compensation structure changes based on a particular city where employees are located, or based on a department or based on the type of job that employees perform in the company. It can be… Continue Reading →

D365HR Compensation: Step 5: Fixed compensation actions

One of the key requirements from our Compensation and Benefits admin was to keep track of why a certain compensation was assigned to the employee or why a certain compensation was changed. In general this is achieved using Action reason… Continue Reading →

D365HR Compensation: Step 4: Compensation Plans

What is a compensation grid and compensation plan? Lets consider a grade ladder in which an employee joins the company at a certain level and progresses within the company within a grade from minimum to maximum and from one grade… Continue Reading →

D365HR Compensation: Step 3: Payrate conversion factor

Lets say Harry is an employee hired with a salary of 2000 euros per month in The Netherlands. From a HR perspective monthly salary may be used for the employment contract and payroll but the annual salary may be used… Continue Reading →

D365HR Compensation: Step 2: Reference points

Global Job and Compensation surveys are carried out by consultancy firms across the world and publish reports defining the standardized Industry Jobs and aligned with local country based compensation matrix. These surveys consider parameters such as living expenses in a… Continue Reading →

D365HR Compensation: Step 1: Job Compensation Levels

Let’s consider Hogwarts retail store in the Netherlands: Ronald work as “Front line cashier” and reports to Hermoine (Job level NL_01) Hermione is a “Cash supervisor” and reports to Steve (Job level NL_02) Steve is a “Assistant store manager” and… Continue Reading →

D365HR and your company’s compensation policy!

Have a look at a company’s compensation policy! Let’s say Tina(Compensation and Benefits administrator) is discussing the compensation policy of Hogwarts Retail with Harry who is a digital HR transformation consultant specialized in Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Here’s the summary… Continue Reading →

D365 HR – Mass update positions!

Positions are the building blocks of your organization. All employees are linked to your company’s organization structure via position. Positions holds the key information such as Job, Department and Manager. As organizations evolve, the structure of employees are positioned within… Continue Reading →

How to store compensation survey data on D365HR?

What is Compensation survey data? As every organization grows one of the goals will be to standardize compensation and benefits based on the market conditions to remain competitive in the market and also to make sure the employee compensation is… Continue Reading →

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