My dream of becoming a Scientist!

I have always loved Iron Man and it was really cool see how mixed reality was shown (Although I never knew anything about holograms and mixed reality😉) As a child I wanted to be a scientist inventing the cool stuff and being a nerd, but then I ended up on a journey being a Consultant in the world of Human Resources and Business Applications. So there was always that not so forgotten dream of being a nerdy scientist….

Then I came across these 2 posts from my dear friend and Mixed reality enthusiast Katarina Arbanas on LinkedIn:

  1. Dynamics 365 Guides – quick look
  2. How to Author a guide

I thought this is super cool and I wanted to learn all about this and how to do this. Also being heavily involved in the world of Human Resources and Business Applications – my mind started thinking on the value this can add to the Employee onboarding and on the job learning processes.

Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality solutions

  • Dynamics 365 Guides: which directly impacts how your new employees can get up to speed and to be fully productive in a short period of time and with least amount of errors during the learning phase
  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist: which helps to leverage your specific employee knowledge and expertise beyond the geographical boundaries that can support the entire workforce on the go solving problems improving accuracy and shortening time for resolution.

The next step of course was to figure out where to find all the Learning material to know more about this. Microsoft Learn was the place to be – after a bit of searching around I figured out all the models and learning paths related to Dynamics 365 Guides and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist starting from an Introduction to Mixed Reality itself😍

I have to say it was a mentally refreshing journey to learn something so cool in a short period of time.

Curious to learn more!

  1. Mixed Reality
  2. Dynamics 365 Guides
  3. Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

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Microsoft Learn collection

Just to be sure – Microsoft learn is totally free and offers super cool learning content to get everybody learn and stay up to date on all Microsoft technology!

Have fun learning all about Mixed Reality!

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