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D365HR – Migrate Security customizations!

Dynamics 365 application stack is driven by role based access control at the core of its security design which simply means functional and data security of the application drives which users get to access what part of the application and… Continue Reading →

How to give your new employee access to D365HR?

I thought this was automated??? Although there is a cool enhancement on the roadmap coming up in this area in the near future, it is critical to know how Dynamics 365 Human Resources will work with Azure Active Directory and… Continue Reading →

CDS Virtual entities for D365HR

Having access to HR data is a key for smooth operations of an organization and also to define a clear people vision and achieve excellent customer satisfaction. There are a variety of questions that need to be answered on a… Continue Reading →

How to roll out D365HR app on teams?

Sooo you have heard about this feature of enabling Dynamics 365 Human Resources on Teams and want to know how to share this with all of your employees😀 There is quite a lot of buzz about this and huge amounts… Continue Reading →

2020 Rel W2 – Azure AD Integration

What is Azure Active Directory? Simply put Azure AD is like Hagrid in Harry potter (read this) or in other words Keeper of the keys that lock and unlock doors for you. And specifically speaking it holds one master key… Continue Reading →

Automatic role assignment

What is automatic role assignment? A product feature that will help the IT admin to create rules via selection queries to assign roles to all/group or employees with your organization. How to create a automatic role assignment rule? Step 1:… Continue Reading →

Segregation Of Duties

Please read my related LinkedIn article #TOTTreasures Of Talent and Risk Management and HR Digital transformation! Overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 security architecture Role Based Access Control is the approach used to define which user gets access to what functional… Continue Reading →

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