Dynamics 365 application stack is driven by role based access control at the core of its security design which simply means functional and data security of the application drives which users get to access what part of the application and view/make changes on what set of data! (Well, there are some enhancements that would definitely help in this area – but let’s discuss that for another time😋)

Now, lets see you are working on making some changes on the standard roles available out of the box to align it with the needs of your organization – In a ideal scenario you would do this first on a test environment where you would check if they work as expected first and then move them to production environment.

Read on to understand how to migrate the security role customization from test environment to production environment.

Step 1: Get the test and production environments to the same level.

The migration of security customization works on “All or nothing” principle so it is critical to get the test environment to a clean state and align it with production environment before working on your customizations. This can be achieved using one of the two options below:

  • Database copy: Production to test (Have a look at this post from Nicu Aleman: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/finally-here-copying-corehr-database-sandbox-nicu-aleman/)
  • Security Export-Import: Production to test (More on this below)

Step 2: Make change in the security roles as necessary on Test environment

Navigate to System administration > Links > Security configuration

Step 3: Export the changes from Test environment as a xml file

After making all the changes and testing them successfully export the changes into a xml file using the below step

Step 4: Import the xml file from Test environment to the Production environment

Note: Make sure you are selecting the correct xml file for Import. The file will be imported once you select, there is no additional Ok or validation pop up before the import starts.

That’s about it – this is how you sync security customizations from one environment to another. You can follow the same steps from Production to Test environment😀

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