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Business Central & Service Management!

So you are super hungry on a Sunday evening! You dial the pizza delivery service around the corner and wait despretely for the next 30 minutes for the yummy pizza to arrive home… The pizza comes home… smells yummy… and… Continue Reading →

Business Central & Supply Chain Management!

Supply Chain Management – Hmmmmm that does ring a sound of complexity especially for a Human Resource professional. But hey I studied Mechanical Engineering (and was pretty good at it during my university😉) So here’s me continuing Adam’s story to… Continue Reading →

Business Central & Relationship Management!

So Adam starts selling cakes at his cake shop and the most critical factor of the business is the customers who are going to buy cakes from Adam and the vendors who are going to supply raw materials so that… Continue Reading →

Business Central and Human Resources!

Let’s continue the entrepreneurial journey of Adam and how he is able to manage his cake shops using Dynamics 365 Business Central… As a company Adam needs to hire employees, nurture them to grow within the company and support them… Continue Reading →

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Sticky post

I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2022! It’s 2022 and we are in a lockdown (NL)! COVID 19 has stayed with us longer than we all thought it would and we are starting to live a… Continue Reading →

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