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D365HR – R2020 Wave 2 – Timeline!

As Microsoft continues to invest more in Dynamics 365 Human Resources there are some interesting features that are planned to be release between October 2020 and March 2021. The key from a real world customer and project scenarios is to… Continue Reading →

2020 Rel W2 – Azure AD Integration

What is Azure Active Directory? Simply put Azure AD is like Hagrid in Harry potter (read this) or in other words Keeper of the keys that lock and unlock doors for you. And specifically speaking it holds one master key… Continue Reading →

D365HR: 2020 Release Wave 2 – What’s planned?

Dynamics 365 Human Resources has progressed a long way in the last year and 2020 release wave 1 added some much needed features to the product (Read my linkedin article: Dynamics 365 Human Resources – What’s new?) It is now… Continue Reading →

#BC10 : D365HR – Benefits Management!

With the overall strategic investments announced in the area of Dynamics 365 Human Resources last year and the constant release of new functionalities from early this year – the benefits management functionality on Dynamics 365 Human Resources has been continuously… Continue Reading →

Performance management – Data entities enhanced!

The data migration capability related to Performance management on Dynamics 365 Human Resources definitely needed enhancements to support the customer requirements that we face from time to time.The existing capabilities included migration of Performance journals and Performance reviews. But it… Continue Reading →

2020 release wave 1 – General availability features – Part 1

The first part of the 2020 Release wave 1 is generally available to all Dynamics 365 Human Resources customers as of today. The below preview features are moved to general availability: Benefits management Enhanced plan configuration Efficient administration Extensive eligibility… Continue Reading →

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