The data migration capability related to Performance management on Dynamics 365 Human Resources definitely needed enhancements to support the customer requirements that we face from time to time.
The existing capabilities included migration of Performance journals and Performance reviews. But it was limited to achieve historical overview of employee performance data when the customers move from a legacy application into D365HR.
The new enhancements from Microsoft will help us further in this direction. The new data entities added related to employee performance reviews are listed below.

  1. Discussion Competency
  2. Discussion Goals
  3. Discussion Measurement
  4. Discussion Topic
  5. Performance Journal
  6. Measurement
  7. Goal Measurement
  8. Also, there is a tiny enhancement on the existing Discussion data entity to include Total score and Average score fields.

Refresh the data entities on the D365HR environment to test the new data entities. If you don’t see them after refreshing the data entities, please wait a day or two to make sure this is rolled out by Microsoft on the environment you are testing on.
I think there are some more enhancements expected and necessary in this area – Something to look out for the future!
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