Happy to have be able to attend the Microsoft Business Applications Summit and the session from Muhammad Alam and Laurel Reitman. It was an interesting session with clear insights on the latest progress on the product capabilities and the near future road map updates of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications.

The start…

How well are the Dynamics 365 Business Applications doing in the market?

The product feedback is becoming more and more positive and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is named leader from customer surveys.

There customer volumes on the product are increasing and more customers are adopting the solution. The key point was that 99% of the customers are up to date and are on the latest release of Dynamics 365 and One Version strategy is working very well in the market.The other key aspect is increase in partnerships to enhance the capabilities of the solution.

Customer success stories

The below slide provides a overview of the customer success stories. There is a special focus on mission critical organizations adopting Dynamics 365 in the recent COVID19 impacted business scenario.

The Middle..

The next part of the session focused on the product capabilities and road map.

What does operations application stack of Dynamics 365 mean?

From a definition perspective operations application stack of Dynamics 365 is focused on supporting key businesses who MAKE stuff or TRADE stuff or focused on SERVICE and FINANCE and HR operations. I think as the consolidation of the application stack progresses the focus and vision is more clear and simple now. This is good for the partner and consultant teams on ground driving digital transformation since it relieves us from explaining the complexity of the application stack and focus on solving customer business problems.

Key investments in the 3 segments of the market:

– Investments in MAKE

– Investments in TRADE

– Investments in SERVICE, FINANCE and HR

The magical part of the presentation!!!

Demo of new enhanced capabilities of leave management on Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Employee experience on Microsoft Teams App for Dynamics 365 Human Resources

  • Teams bot used to ask questions on Dynamics 365 Human Resources data. In this case Bot displaying employee leave balances.
  • Make the bot book a draft leave request for you. Woooowww….
  • Editing the leave request from Teams app.
  • Overview of leave balances and transactions on Teams app.

HR administrator experience on Dynamics 365 Human Resources to manage different leave plans of the organization

HR Administrator Power BI analytics to view and understand the employee leave trends within the organization.

The end…

3 most interesting question from the Q&A segment:

What are the Top product development priorities?

  • Continue to focus on fundamentals
  • Completing the core to 80%
  • Data and AI (Fraud protection…) – Making processes intelligent
  • Apps seamlessly work across business – One Microsoft

When will Project Operations be available in Public preview?

  • Public preview in Summer 2020
  • General availability in Fall 2020

Will the recruiting processes be supported on Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

  • As per the strategy of decommissioning Attract and Onboard, the recruiting processes will be supported via the LinkedIn Talent Hub solution.

To sum up, it was worth the time spent on the session and also very positive impact on my mind and cheered me up a little from the dullness of COVID19.So overall 🙂

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