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Ideas of the month – September 2020

🔗Financial dimensions – Connecting HR and Finance! Let’s start simple: Financial dimensions help us make the costs from the employee and the transactions that the employee perform on D365 into different financial accounts of the organization for tracking😎 The employee… Continue Reading →

What are effective dates?

If you read my blog post about action reason framework – very good😁. If not, you can have a quick read by clicking the URL: What is action reason framework? A quick summary if you did not click on the… Continue Reading →

What is action reason framework?

What are the key goals of any Digital HR transformation? Understand the employee data Having an easy and maintainable way of keeping the data up to date Using this information to answer key questions about your workforce Moving from reactive… Continue Reading →

What are Virtual Data Entities?

Ideal v/s Reality of enterprise application landscape When you are defining a enterprise application landscape the ideal dream is to have one enterprise application platform with seamless integration which can make all business teams of the company substantially happy if… Continue Reading →

Hey HR Leader – Here are the reporting options!

The key to any Digital HR transformation is to make sure the data can be analyzed and become a proactive data driven decision making organization. Microsoft Dynamics 365 family of solutions have a considerable advantage with the seamless integration with… Continue Reading →

ESS – What personal information can employees see/edit??

With the impact of COVID 19 one of the key areas HR teams have focused is to have all employee information updated and available to stay connected with the employees and also to make sure the business is running as… Continue Reading →

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