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  • Data is the most important aspect of any Digital HR transformation
  • Actions and Reasons are used to keep track of the employee information changes
  • Effective dated logic unleashes the actual power of action reason framework.

Lets run down the memory lane!

Anna is a sweet little 8 year old girl who has a savings bank account at Bank of Hogwarts.

  • 15-AUG-2020: Visits the bank to deposit some money from her coin bank💰 = Balance = 510$
  • 28-AUG-2020: Anna’s father gives her 50$ as a expense budget for the month of SEP, so Anna’s deposits this in her bank account = Balance = 560$
  • 03-SEP-2020: Anna’s is out with her friends and pay for a chocolate milkshake🥤 using her bank card = Balance = 556$💸

How does it related to Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

If we relate this to the changes in employee data, essentially every time we hire an employee; promote an employee or terminate an employee – we are doing a similar thing on the database where the employee data is stored. In simple terms:

  • Harry is HIRED(Action) on 01-Aug-2001(Effective date) as a BUSINESS ANALYST (Position) due to ORGANIZATION GROWTH(Reason)
  • Harry gets a PROMOTION on 01-DEC-2005 to be a TEAM LEAD due to his EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE
  • Harry is TERMINATED on 01-FEB-2020 since he got a BETTER GROWTH OPPORTUNITY at a different organziation.

To sum it up!

Action reason framework along with Effective dated logic helps in building historical employee lifecycle data on Dynamics 365 Human Resources which can be used to understand some critical KPI’s such as:

  • How many employee’s have you hired in a year?
  • How many employee’s leave your organization due to better growth opportunities?
  • How many employee’s were promoted in a year?
  • How many reorganizations happened in the last 10 years?
  • And many more….

Well, the power data and how it can help transform your organization is unlimited! All you need is to identify a business problem and a team a business analysts to help in unleashing the true power of data⚡

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