Think of a use case before building your Virtual Agent??

I want to build a virtual agent to help people who are visiting my blog site. The conversation would go something like this:

  • Harry is curious about nocodehr and visits my blog site, notices a chat window and says hi!
  • nocodehr virtual agent would say welcome to nocodehr and presents options on what Harry can explore on my blog
  • Harry will select one of the presented options
  • nocodehr virtual agent would give a website link to navigate to the correct page on the website and ends the chat with a survey.

The conversation would look like below:

Lets build our virtual agent now!

Step 1: Sign up for a trial of Power Virtual Agent trial

  • Open the URL:
  • Sign in with your account details
  • Select the country/region and click on Start trial

Step 2: Create a new bot

Step 3: Add a new Topic and include the trigger phases to start the conversation and “Go to authoring canvas”

“Topics” are basic building blocks of your virtual agent. They would basically capture the flow of conversation between the user and the virtual agent.

Step 4: Add a Welcome message by selecting the option “Show a message”

Step 5: Ask a question and propose the options to choose from by using the option “Ask a question”

Step 6: Provide the answers for each of the options and end the chat with a survey!

Step 7: Save and click on Topic checker to validate the conversation > Click on Publish

Step 8: Publish you chatbot!

Step 9: Test your virtual agent on a demo website

You can also embed your chatbot on your website using custom HTML!

Give it a try on the embedded nocodehr virtual agent below:

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