What are Microsoft Certifications?

Microsoft certifications are one of credentials that can help illustrate that an individual posses a particular Microsoft skill or expertise in a specific area

What are the types of Microsoft Certifications?

There are 3 types of certifications:

  1. Fundamentals: Focused on basics in each technical/functional area
  2. Role-based: Focused on certification path that prove expertise in a each technical/functional area
  3. Specialty: The add-ons related to a specific area of Microsoft

How are the knowledge areas categorized for Microsoft Certifications?

All certifications are divided based on 4 knowledge areas:

  1. Azure
  2. Microsoft 365
  3. Dynamics 365
  4. Power Platform

What is the difference between an Exam and a Certification?

Certifications are credentials that you receive when you take exam/exams and pass. In some cases an individual may receive a certification by passing one exam and in other cases an individual may have to take more than one exam to receive a particular certification?

Are the Microsoft Certification valid forever?

Microsoft products and technology in general is being advanced almost on a daily basis so the exams and certifications are constantly being updated to reflect the latest product capabilities. So all the current role based certifications come with a 1 year validity (the current certifications can be renewed with a free renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn) and some certifications such as Fundamentals come without an end date.

Note: Validity policy is updated recently: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-learn-blog/stay-current-with-in-demand-skills-through-free-certification/ba-p/1489678

Why get Microsoft certified?

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What are Beta exams? Can I take them while they are in Beta?

Every time there is a significant change in the products/knowledge area the related Microsoft Certification exams are updated to reflect the latest content. Each new exam is released in Beta first and feedback is gathered to improve the content if necessary and then made available for immediate assessment. As a individual the only difference is if you take a beta exam, then the exam results are published after the beta evaluation period and not immediately at the end of the exam

Where can I find an overview of all the certifications?

Click on the URL to access Microsoft Certifications poster: https://query.prod.cms.rt.microsoft.com/cms/api/am/binary/RE2PjDI

You can navigate into the certifications from the poster directly to the certification page.

What documentation can I use for preparation?

Each certification is linked to a Microsoft Learn > Learning path as illustrated below. This is free and accessible for self study. The learning path would help you get started towards preparing for the certification. Practical experience and further reading related to certification knowledge area is always advisable. You will be able to find dedicated content for each certification from the community, books published by experts from the community.

I don’t find the certification based on my knowledge area?

In some cases the certifications and exams related to a specific knowledge area is yet to be published and the Microsoft team may be currently busy with it. Please wait and check the certification poster from time to time.

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