Have a look at a company’s leave policy!

Let’s say Margret (Human Resource administrator) is discussing the leave policy of Hogwarts manufacturing with Harry who is a digital HR transformation consultant specialized in Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Here’s the summary of how the leave policy looks like:

  • Every employee will get a accrual balance of 25 days in a accrual period
  • The accrual period starts is January to December every year
  • 5 days of leave can be carried forward to the next year and needs to be utilized before end of March. After which the 5 days are expired from balance
  • The employees can take off in due to following:
    • Vacation – from balance to be approved by manager
    • Business training – No balance needed but to be approved by manager
    • Wedding – No balance needed but to be approved by Margret
  • It will be great if the HR, Employee and Managers have an overview of which employee is off when on a calendar

Harry explains what is what on D365HR to Margret!

The key components on D365HR that help define Hogwarts manufacturing’s leave policy are:

  • Leave and absence types: What are the different types of leave that employees can take in an organization
  • Leave and absence plans: How different leave and absence types combined together with rules that help meeting the leave policy of a company
  • Approval workflow: Helps in defining who has to approve what type of leave
  • Leave and absence calendars: Gives a beautiful view of who is on leave when
  • Parameters: Help is defining country wide and system wide settings

Now that we know what will help us in defining Hogwarts manufacturing’s leave policy on Dynamics 365 Human Resources, lets dive into getting it configured by following the steps below.

Let’s make Margret happy by getting this defined on Dynamics 365 Human Resources!

Follow the steps on the blog series below to align the leave policy with Dynamics 365 Human Resources!

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