As the winter sets in with some gloominess I am looking forward to Christmas already for all the lights and jingles!

October 2020 seemed like a transition month overall:

  • A new wave for Dynamics 365 Human Resources (and all other Microsoft products) started
  • Our clocks were set 1 hour back
  • The bright sunny days changed into gloomy cold days
  • Some parts of the world start to see the peak of second COVID 19 wave

Navigating life through 1 day at a time and realizing the happiness in small things will help us stay positive. Some things that have helped me:

  • Having a social chat with you colleague!
  • Getting excited about a new feature that Microsoft delivered!
  • Making your daughter say hi to your customer with a feeling that they understand we are working from home!
  • Getting a box of fruits from your office and to realize that they care about you!
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This monthly news letter is collection of knowledge bites that I have come across and has helped me learn something about Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Super thanks to all folks for sharing amazing content!

Hope you and your family is safe and are able to cope with all things around you,


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