With Christmas around the corner and all of us getting ready to have virtual celebrations or meet limited family and friends maintaining COVID-19 precautions – One thing I have realized is time flies faster than I imagined….

We have to keep our spirits high during the short winter days finding tiny passions in us help us keep going with the hopes of a vaccine and a better year of 2021 ahead🤞

Thanks for taking the time read the 4th nocodehr monthly news letter. It is a collection of knowledge bites that has helped me learn something new from the Microsoft community (also includes some of my own blog posts😋) and information about the past/upcoming community events!

Hope you like it. Stay safe!


Updates from Microsoft

Latest updates: Release 2020 Wave 2

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Updates from the community

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Watch all the sessions from D365 Wave 2 Saturday on youtube (my session about Dynamics 365 Human Resources)

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