Let’s consider Hogwarts retail store in the Netherlands:

  • Ronald work as “Front line cashier” and reports to Hermoine (Job level NL_01)
  • Hermione is a “Cash supervisor” and reports to Steve (Job level NL_02)
  • Steve is a “Assistant store manager” and reports to Albus (Job level NL_03)
  • Albus is a “Store manager” (Job level NL_04)

Hogwarts retail also has a store in Germany with the below job levels:

  • Front line cashier (Job level DE_02)
  • Cash supervisor (Job level DE_03)
  • Assistant store manager (Job level DE_04)
  • Store manager (Job level DE_05)

What are Jobs?

In simple terms the below are Jobs used at Hogwarts retail:

  • Front line cashier
  • Cash supervisor
  • Assistant store manager
  • Store manager

By definition Jobs are basically the summary of what a employee working in the company needs to do (collection of tasks and responsibilities) and using this as a background multiple positions are defined which can be occupied by employees.

What are compensation levels?

And the Compensation levels used in Netherlands and Germany are as follows:

  • NL_01
  • NL_02
  • NL_03
  • NL_04
  • DE_02
  • DE_03
  • DE_04
  • DE_05

How are Jobs and Compensation levels related?

In technical terms 1 Jobs can be linked to multiple compensation levels.

In HR business language: There can be a global job defined in a company that is used as a background framework to create local positions and hire employees based on the local market compensation parameters. Compensation levels are used to control the country based compensation structure.

Configure Compensation levels on Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Step 1: Navigate to compensation management workspace
Step 2: Navigate to Links > Levels
Step 3: Click on New and add the details of Level, Description and Type (Grade)

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