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D365HR Variable Compensation: Step 4: Variable plan awards

What are variable plan awards? Let’s say Chloe is an employee who joins Hogwarts Retail in Jan 2020 and works very hard and is super successful. Chloe’s manager decides to give her a full bonus of 10% of her fixed… Continue Reading →

D365HR Variable compensation: Step 3: Eligibility rules

There can be scenarios where a company‚Äôs bonus compensation plans can be based on a particular city where employees are located, or based on a department or based on the type of job that employees perform in the company. It… Continue Reading →

D365HR Variable Compensation: Step 2: Variable compensation plans

What are Variable compensation plans on Dynamics 365 HR? Variable compensation plans define the details of what and how bonuses are allocated to the employees. Variable compensation plans are assigned to the employees and indicate what type of bonus each… Continue Reading →

D365HR Variable Compensation: Step 1: Variable compensation types

What are Variable compensation types on Dynamics 365 HR? Variable compensation types is a way of defining different groups of variable compensation that the company would offer to the employees. Some examples of variable compensation are Bonus – a promised… Continue Reading →

D365HR and your company’s variable compensation policy!

Have a look at a company’s variable compensation policy! Let’s say Tina(Compensation and Benefits administrator) is discussing the variable compensation policy of Hogwarts Retail with Harry who is a digital HR transformation consultant specialized in Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Here’s… Continue Reading →

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