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📢D365HR – What’s new in April/May 2021!

There are 3 areas that I cover in each month’s What’s new update: New features planned for public preview in April/May 2021 Features moved from public preview to general availability in March/April/May 2021 Overall roadmap updates Also, this month’s blog… Continue Reading →

Mixed Reality and the world of Microsoft!

Being a Robert Downey Jr fan – I had one of those awesome moments when I watched Ironman for the first time and when the hologram comes to life in the movie! The other thing I remember is the message… Continue Reading →

Ideas of the month – April/May 2021

🔗Suspend/Inactive the old Titles Title framework on Dynamics 365 Human Resources is one of the strong and flexibilities that gives customers across different industries to organize and manage Job and Positions to support their business. At the moment the way… Continue Reading →

nocodehr newsletter – April/May 2021

April and May 2021 have been more exciting than normal🤩… and that led to a bit of delay in publishing nocodehr monthly blog posts😔 One of the exciting things for me and my family is: I am part of the… Continue Reading →

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