There are 3 areas that I cover in each month’s What’s new update:

  • New features planned for public preview in March 2021
  • Features moved from public preview to general availability in Feb/March 2021
  • Overall roadmap updates

Curious to know more, read on to know more details!

New features planned for public preview in March 2021

🔗Restrict employees from editing business contact details

This feature will let the Organization admins control what address and contact information can be edited by the employees

🔗Custom field support in benefits management

Custom fields will be supported on benefits management and will be included in the below tables:

  • Plans
  • Plan coverage options
  • Worker benefit plans
  • Eligibility rules
  • Programs

🔗Enable simplified integration with payroll providers

With the roadmap strategy progressing to support complex HCM landscapes API’s will be built to support payroll integration scenarios to include the below data points:

  • Employee pay profile
  • Fixed compensation (pay rate)
  • Benefit contributions and deductions:
  • One-time payouts (such as bonus)
  • Leave balances and status

Also additional features to make the user experience smooth in relation to this integration will be provided:

  • Employees and HR professionals to view and update payroll-related information in Human Resources through deep linking with single sign-on.
  • Employees and HR professionals to use Human Resources to view and update payroll-related information through an embedded experience.

Features moved from public preview to general availability in March 2021

🔗Benefits management workspace

The benefits management workspace will focus on providing specific views for HR administrators based on the enrollment period selected:

  • Employees with unconfirmed selections
  • New hires not enrolled
  • Employees with no plans selected during open enrollment
  • Open life events
  • Future life events
  • Employees enrolled in benefits
Workspace – Enrolled in benefits view
Workspace – Future life events viewNew hires not enrolled viewUnconfirmed selections view

Also a separate tab will be made available to view process results and communications.

I am excited to see this in action on a trail environment and test a few things🤩

🔗Cross company leave details overview for managers

Overall roadmap updates

There are changes in the overall roadmap items and release timelines of D365HR release 2020 wave 2. Find the updated overview illustrated below:

Do you want to have a quickly accessible overview of the roadmap which is linked to Microsoft official documentation? Download the pdf:

Release 2021 Wave 1 updates are included on this timeline already so that you can already plan based on what’s coming!🤩

Wrap up….

As we progress towards the end of March 2021, we will slowly shift from Release 2020 Wave 2 closure and start focusing on Release 2021 Wave 1. Curious and interested to discuss more about this topic please reach out to me on LinkedIn!

Also ready my blog post with an overview of Release 2021 Wave 1 updates related to Dynamics 365 Human Resources: Dynamics 365 HR: Release 2021 Wave 1

Kudos to all the hard work from the Product development teams of Dynamics 365 Human Resources👍

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